Mulvane Christmas Tree Lighting
PO Box 234
Mulvane, KS  67110

Mulvane Christmas Tree Lighting – in November

  This event began in 2017 and is organized by the Mulvane Community Foundation with the help of sponsors and the City of Mulvane.  If you’d like to have an ornament on the tree, drop off your shatterproof item at one of the participating locations (including the Mulvane News, Luciano’s, the Mulvane Chamber of Commerce, the MRC, etc) before November 22, 2020.  The tree will be lit on the Saturday after Thanksgiving and will stay bright until after January 1st.

In 2019 the tree was donated by the Parker Family, 2018 the tree was donated by Curt Hoobler, and in 2017 it was donated by Larry and Alice Smith.  Thank you so much to those who make this event possible – especially to those who donate the tree and to the hard working city employees who put it up every year.