Mulvane, Kansas History

Mulvane, Kansas, was named in honor of Joab Mulvane of Topeka for his contributions to bring the railroad through Mulvane.

Mulvane was first laid out in August 1879 and the Mulvane Town Company’s Certificate of Incorporation was filed on September 20th, 1879. The original town was built at the junction of five Santa Fe rail lines. The very first train to ever pull into Mulvane arrived from Wichita, Kansas, on September 29, 1879. The Mulvane Station was two box cars, set end to end on the west side of the tracks. The following day, a train from Wellington arrived, and both trains, pulling flat cars with railroad ties for seats, were loaded with approximately 4,000 people. Leaving Mulvane, the trains traveled on to Winfield, Kansas, to celebrate the new addition to the railroad. The two box cars were used as the Mulvane depot until 1910, when a new brick depot was built. This depot is now home to the Mulvane Historical Society.

For more information about the history of Mulvane, view the photo gallery below and visit the City of Mulvane and the Mulvane Historical Society web sites.


“The Mulvane Town Company” Filed Sept. 20, 1879

H. C. Helbert
Mulvane, Sedgwick County, Kansas

John Loper
Sedgwick County, Kansas

Joab Mulvane
Shawnee County, Kansas

N.E. Dickson
Shawnee County, Kansas

Alden Spears
Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts